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Why You Should Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer for Listing Photos

Professional photography is the foundation of a successful real estate listing. The photos will be used to market the property in its best light and will be featured on listing websites, marketing materials, advertisements, open house announcements, and more. Professional real estate photographers not only possess industry knowledge, but they also have a trained eye, professional equipment, offer a variety of services, and produce high-quality photo edits. Let’s take a closer look at why you should hire a professional real estate photographer for your listing photos!

The Trained Eye

Professional photographers have an eye for angles and viewpoints, developed by industry training and years of experience. They know how to take photos that show the true size of a room, and they know how to use lighting to their advantage to produce the best possible listing photos. Awkward layouts or a lack of natural light are no problem for professionals!

The Professional Equipment

Smartphones may be sufficient for family portraits, but they don’t compare to professional equipment when it comes to real estate. It’s important to use the proper equipment that is made to shoot in different conditions, such as in poor lighting or wide-angle spaces. Then there are all the camera settings to adjust, including focus, aperture, and shutter speed to capture the best quality image. A professional photographer knows these like the back of their own hand!

The Variety of Services

A property listing can benefit from more than just photos – 3D tours, drone footage, and video content are consistently capturing the attention of potential buyers in today’s market. There are also a variety of photo editing services that can fix eyesores, such as removing clutter or turning a lived-in home into a vacant property. A great photographer can recommend the best service, or services, to really make the listing photos pop!

The High-Quality Editing

The job isn’t done when the photos are taken, they’ll still need editing to adjust for lighting and color correction. If decluttering or virtual staging services are needed, this is done in the editing process with attention to every little detail. There won’t be any blurry lines or floating chairs in professionally edited photos!


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